We are extremely proud that Fairwater Gardens offers the ultimate in communications technology. Copper cables are a thing of the past as at Fairwater Gardens there is a fibre optic network connection to each home.

Telstra Smart Community

At Fairwater Gardens you are part of a Telstra Smart Community and your services are delivered via the Telstra Velocity fibre to the home network. Telstra Velocity is a state of the art fibre optic communications technology which provides one of the most stable, future ready residential broadband internet services in the country! This allows multiple phone lines and lightning fast internet connections (100 Mbps). All of these services are provided by the fibre optic network with no loss of speed. No more fighting for the internet or the remote control! Not only is this up to the minute technology, it is also future ready, meaning that this technology is ready for future technological advancements when they occur. You can't get better than that!